Products and Services

Flat Rate Collections

Stage 1
Pay One Flat Fee per account $13.99

Contingent Collections

Stage II

No Pay – No Fee

Attorney Contingent Collections

Stage III

  • Law Firm Collects
  • No Pay – No Fee

Consulting / DanCyn Recovery

We provide consulting via DanCyn Recovery Systems

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Pan Am Collections, we position our clients first.  This means the offering of multiple avenues to recover your money as fast and as cost effective as possible.

Pan Am offers clients the benefit of our state of the art collection system.  Online account placement and reports are available 24/7.   Automatic streaming from Stage to Stage is available.    Our Collectors are highly trained professionals in the ARM Industry.  We fully comply with the FDCPA, TCPA, FCRA, HIPPA and all the other laws that end in A, as well as several state and local regulations.
Please click on the area you are most interested in above.  We recommend you look at all three Stages of collections.

We also invite you to consider DanCyn Recovery Systems for consulting, .  You do not have to become or be a client of Pan Am to benefit from this service.

Ready to get started now?   Call 855-256-3705 or email us at

Ready to get started now? Call 855-256-3705