Stage 1 Demand Service

Pan Am Collections, Inc. hereinafter referred to as PAC, will send a series of four demands on each claim directing the Debtor to pay the Client monies owed or to make contact with Client for payment arrangement.  These Stage 1 letters will attempt to secure payment from the debtor within approximately 60 days. There is no minimum purchase and may be purchased in advance, or invoiced after placement when purchasing our Demand Service.

This is our Flat Rate Demand Service. The client agrees to pay a flat rate of $13.99 per account sent to PAC.

Once in Stage II client will responsible for all contingency fees associated with the account.

The Client agrees that PAC is authorized to forward all unpaid claims to Stage II for intensive collection procedures according to the contingency fees as stated below, unless contract with the Debtor states otherwise allowing for the addition of collection costs (not available in certain States).   Client certifies that the provision in such contract abide by the laws of its state.  The Client also agrees to provide PAC with a copy of documentation verifying the debt if requested.  In the absence of an interest rate given by Client to PAC, Client agrees that PAC may accrue interest on each debt according to the state’s statutory interest rate in which the debtor resides or the contract took place.  This statutory interest will be shared with Client minus PAC’s current contingency fee.  The statutory interest may also be waived by PAC in an effort to effect collection. 

PAC agrees to notify the Client in writing via fax, mail, online and/or e-mail prior to transferring a claim to the Collection Department for Intensive Service.  The Client will be responsible for notifying PAC within the allotted time given in the transfer notification if Client does not wish to pursue intensive collection. 

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